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Mayan Mushroom Statues
just one example of mushroom imagery found in the ancient world!

Moon-Set, from Volcan TJ, Guatemala. 

A video I made inpired by Guatemala, my homeland! 

Guatemala, “Land Of Eternal Spring.”

(Source: narzog)

"It is a great honour to sit with discomfort, for all the mysteries of the universe lie within. As you sit with discomfort, you also meet discomfort’s best friend - the urge to escape that discomfort! Is there enough room in you for both discomfort AND the urge to escape discomfort? Of course - who you are is vast and spacious enough to hold anything. This is true meditation - no longer resisting discomfort and trying to escape to a future comfort, but discovering the ever-present, unconditional Comfort that you are, the perfect calm in the midst of the storm."